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Ahmed Taqi is a partner of UTC International (“UTCINTL”). He contributes immensely to the continuous growth and development of the professional practice. He has demonstrated a flair for developing innovative service products for existing and new customers through appropriate propositions and ethical sales methods. He has maintained liaison with clients to optimise quality of service, business growth, and client satisfaction.

Ahmed has versatile experience in the best practices of Ministry of Finance (MoF), Sultanate of Oman, the Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI), top ranking corporates, and financial institutions. His areas of expertise include external and internal auditing, provision of accredited training on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS/IAS) and International Standards on Auditing (ISA) & Quality Assurance Standards; management consultancy; loss adjusting, due diligence and deal structure; taxation, and financial & business advisory.

Ahmed’s work experience covered the following principal activities:

• Administration of the performance of external audit engagement planning, fieldwork, identification, development and documentation of audit issues, recommendations for corrective actions, and audit reporting;
• Managing the implementation of external audit procedures including audit scheduling and adherence to audit methodology;
• Appraisal of the accuracy of financial records and other information and verifying that all compliance procedures have been followed with particular regard to key internal controls over assets held at other locations, safe-keeping arrangements, due custody; and assuring that all laws, regulations, and statutory obligations have been complied with and reporting on any regulatory investigations;
• Provision of continuous assurance to enable the clients to systematically meet and fulfill their ongoing regulatory and business expectations through the proper execution of the external audit plan[s];
• Analysing the security and effectiveness of internal compliance and operating procedures to ensure the security of the client’s Information Technology [IT] system[s] and disclosure of any reportable conditions, material weaknesses, and making recommendations for corrective action and loss-prevention procedures for the security of assets;
• Assessing relevant training needs for professional staff including assessment methods and measurement systems entailed. Identifying, selecting, and coordinating with training & accreditation bodies and providers, to deliver the required training to UTCINTL personnel at the appropriate professional levels;
• Enhancing the corporate image and reputation of UTCINTL, and promoting the UTCINTL brand via suitable marketing activities to agreed budgets and timescales.


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