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Ali Tabbara is a partner of UTC International (“UTCINTL”), and the Managing Director of UTCINTL Consulting Division. His areas of expertise include management consultancy, corporate strategic planning, private equity, and financial & business advisory.

Ali has provided consulting and advisory services to clients throughout the GCC, MENA, and Europe. By addressing the specific needs of the individual assignments and providing every client with results-oriented, timely, and high quality service, he has helped UTCINTL clients to build their enterprises; fundamentally, by the adoption of strategies to respond to the changing economic environment. With the combination of the local traditions of the Middle East and his international experience he has a background of advising on a wide range of transactions and issues. He has developed many long term relationships with the business world by understanding their issues and concerns. At present, he sits on the Boards of several national and multinational companies.

He had worked through various management positions in the asset management, agriculture, information technology, and insurance industries as well as in the hospitality, travel and tourism sectors. He was a Founder & Managing Partner of an asset management company with a focus on wealth management and corporate finance. Prior to establishing the UTCINTL Consulting Division, he was the Managing Director of Agricola Villa Alegre, Ltda., one of the three major fresh fruit producers and exporters operating in Chile. Also he was a Board Member of British Mediterranean Airways - BMed (Franchisee of British Airways) and a member of its Executive Committee.

Ali’s work experience covered the following principal activities:

• Anticipating, researching, and reporting on perceived trends and likely changes in the economic environment; particularly as relevant to UTCINTL local territory practices, and ensuring such knowledge is factored into the planning of UTCINTL's strategy, resources, and procedures;
• Safeguarding and promoting UTCINTL's values and philosophy relating to professional ethics, integrity, and corporate social responsibility by planning and managing internal communications pertaining to UTCINTL's mission, strategic direction, aims, and activities;
• Managing staffing needs including hiring, training, developing and evaluating staff, and taking corrective action on staff performance by providing training and guidance;
• Maintaining and developing existing and new clients through appropriate propositions and ethical strategies to optimize quality of service and client business growth;
• Looking at more value, a workable return on investment [ROI] and actual business impact from perspective of the clients by understanding and appreciating the business dynamics, risk management, and the future trends, and proposing innovative and relevant solutions for the client businesses to be highly competitive and productive;
• Managing the provision of continuous assurance to enable the clients to systematically meet and fulfill their ongoing regulatory and business expectations;
• Ensuring that UTCINTL's client organizations adhere to, as applicable, the changing government and industry regulations as well as compliance procedures;
• Planning, developing, and implementing strategy for operational management of UTCINTL Consulting Division to render service product deliverables [agreed with clients], within the specified timescales, and cost budgets.


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