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Asma Jaber is a Senior Audit Manager at UTC International (“UTCINTL”). Her areas of expertise include financial and management accounting, external and internal audit, and management consultancy, in both the public and private sectors in Lebanon.

Asma’s responsibilities include managing external and internal audit assignments, as applicable, of commercial banks and companies and public sector agencies, conducting due diligence assignments, feasibility studies, assets valuations for large banks and companies, handling legal matters requiring financial expertise, preparing expert reports and expert witness statements as needed by legal counsel.

Asma Jaber presented technical papers and conducted seminars, workshops, and training courses on International Financial Reporting Standards [IFRS] and International Standards on Auditing [ISA] including requirements under Basel Accord II for commercial banks, the Lebanese Accounting Plans, Legal Requirements and Circulars of Central Bank of Lebanon [BDL] & Banking Control Commission of Lebanon [BCC], internal auditing, commercial banking, risk-based audit, financial analysis, auditing techniques and documentation, solvency ratios, and financial instruments. Further, she has teaching experience at several universities the latest of which being The Centre of Banking Studies [CEB] at St. Joseph University [USJ] in Beirut, where she lectured on the practical aspects and applications of the internal audit function in banks and financial institutions.

Asma’s work experience covered the following principal activities:

• Performing, as applicable, the external and internal audit engagement planning, fieldwork, identification, development, documentation of audit issues, recommendations for corrective actions, and audit reporting;
• Managing the implementation of audit procedures including audit scheduling and adherence to audit methodology;
• Managing staffing needs including suitability assessment, training, developing and evaluating staff, and taking corrective action on audit work performance;
• Assuring that all laws, regulations, and statutory obligations have been complied with by the client and reporting on any regulatory investigations;
• Providing continuous assurance that the clients systematically meet and fulfill their ongoing regulatory and financial operations’ expectations through the proper execution of the external audit plan including the compliance with internal controls and procedures;
• Analysing the security and effectiveness of internal controls and operating procedures to ensure the security of the client’s Information Technology network and disclosure of any reportable conditions, and material weaknesses;
• Reviewing of internal audit reports and discussing with internal auditors any problems and corrective actions on the internal controls;
• Making recommendations on the adequacy and effectiveness of accounting, operational and managerial controls for the client entity;
• Documenting the consideration of all audit reports and the respective clients’ responses and maintaining a corrective action log for reference at each meeting with the client[s] to monitor progress with audit observations and recommendations;
• Developing an annual risk assessment to develop the strategic external audit plan for understanding the identification and detection of fraud, and preparing the risk assessment plan, evaluating specific areas for audit, and organizing and leading teams in the audit process, together with reporting on results and proposing appropriate corrective action and process improvement;
• Reviewing press releases related to client’s financial information.


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