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Dr. N.B. Paracha is a Specialist Senior Consultant of UTC International (“UTCINTL”). He specializes in assisting client organizations to ensure that their Management Systems and associated policies, procedures, and infrastructure, result in improving their efficiency and profitability. He has carried out consultancy and training assignments in many organizations including manufacturing and service sectors, an accreditation council, and a certification body.

Dr Paracha has extensive experience of more than four decades in the Quality Assurance, Engineering, and Education. His work experience covered the following principal activities:

More than one decade’s experience in developing Policies and Procedures and complying with standards of International Organization for Standardization [ISO] and other standards, including:

• Development and/or review of management policies and procedures, diagnostic reviews, due diligence and business process re-engineering for companies involved in production, construction, trading, operations and maintenance, research and development activities [on-going];
• Development and implementation of Quality Management Systems [ISO 9000], and internal quality audits based on ISO 9001:2008 [on-going];
• Development and implementation of Health & Safety Management System OHSAS [ISO 18001:2007], Food Safety Management Systems [ISO 22000:2005], Laboratory Management System [ISO 17025] and Accreditation System [ISO 17011] and internal audits based on OHSAS 18001 and ISO 22000 [on-going];
• Management consultancy and audits at the Ministry of Sciences and Technology, Government of Pakistan, to establish Pakistan National Accreditation Council based on ISO Guides 61 & 58 [now ISO 17011:2004], being a component of Institutional Support for Trade Export Promotion Regime;
• Management consultancy and audits at Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority, Government of Pakistan, with an objective of establishing the first certification body in Pakistan, being a component of Institutional Support for Trade Export Promotion Regime;
• Preparation of Reports as a Member of Prime Minister’s Committee of the Government of Pakistan for Restructuring Sciences & Technology and Convener of Technical Manpower Development subcommittee;
• Member of National Technology Policy [NTP] Implementation for Pakistan’s 9th five-year Plan, a program of Ministry of Sciences & Technology. Prepared a report on National Technology Policy action plan;
• Identifying, selecting, and managing training companies as necessary for delivery of required training to appropriate standards;
• Development and implementation of management strategy and plans, including resources, systems, and timescales, to support, contribute to, and integrate within the client organization’s annual business plan and long term strategy.

About three decades experience as Operations and Maintenance Officer in Pakistan Air Force (Retired as Air Commodore) for Maintenance supervision of:

• Operations and Maintenance Management of aircraft, transports, logistics and procurement, fuel installations, runway maintenance, workshops for repair and overhauling, water supply systems etc;
• Contract Management of all French Contracts with Pakistan Government on aviation business including aircraft, missile systems, radar systems, electrical and instrument systems, Generators, and other ground handling equipment;
• Maintenance of Military and Trainer Aircraft;
• Maintenance of Specialized and General Purpose vehicles;
• Maintenance of ground communications;
• Maintenance of Fuel Installation Systems;
• Training of personnel;
• Supervision of water and power facilities to Air Force Bases.


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