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Nafisa Jaffar is a partner of UTC International (“UTCINTL”). Her areas of expertise include financial and management accounting, external and internal audit, and management consultancy, in both the public and private sectors. She has developed and implemented UTCINTL's quality management strategy and plans, including professional resources, systems, and timescales, to support and contribute to UTCINTL's long term development strategy.

Nafisa has had versatile professional experience during her career in various financial and business functional areas such as Company Control, Corporate Affairs, Planning and Internal Audit. She reached the top management positions in the tourism sector as Assistant Director General – Financial Affairs of the Omani Ministry of Tourism.

Nafisa’s work experience covered the following principal activities:

• Planning and directing UTCINTL's activities to achieve the agreed targets and standards for the delivery of service products in terms of quality, timeliness, and adherence to international professional standards and legislative requirements;
• Developing an annual risk assessment to develop the strategic external audit plan for understanding the identification and detection of fraud, and preparing the risk assessment plan, evaluating specific areas for audit, and organizing and training teams in the audit process;
• Reviewing of internal audit reports and discussing with internal auditors any problems and corrective actions on the internal controls, particularly scope restrictions and any disagreements with client’s management and all accounting adjustments deemed “immaterial” by client management;
• Administration of the performance of internal audit engagement planning, fieldwork, identification, development and documentation of audit issues, recommendations for corrective actions, and audit reporting;
• Managing the implementation of internal/external audit procedures including audit scheduling and adherence to audit methodology;
• Appraisal of the accuracy of financial records and connected other information and verifying that all compliance procedures have been followed with particular regard to key internal controls over assets held at other locations, safe-keeping arrangements, due custody; and assuring that all laws, regulations, and statutory obligations have been complied with and reporting on any regulatory investigations;
• Provision of continuous assurance to enable the clients to systematically meet and fulfill their ongoing regulatory and business expectations through the proper execution of the internal controls as well as implementation of the corporate strategy;
• Enhancing the corporate image and reputation of UTCINTL, and promoting the UTCINTL brand via suitable marketing activities to agreed budgets and timescales.


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