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A cohesive network of firms was established in numerous countries in order to share professional information and attain a high level of best business practices. It identified opportunities for each network member firm to support long-term prosperity. This approach helped UTC International Network to build its corporate stance, values, brand capital, and the high repute of the respective professional practice firms.

UTC International Network, is one of the prominent networks of independent firms of auditors, business advisors, management and tax consultants.

“UTC International” is the brand under which thousands of multi-disciplined professionals worldwide collaborate to provide world-class audit & other attestation services, continuous quality assurance, financial advisory, risk management, tax services, and management consulting to clients. UTC International provides value-added services that are responsive, innovative, and updated. UTC International Network firms serve international clients, public institutions, large enterprises, and promising fast-growing companies whose shares are traded on the global capital markets.

UTC International is one of the oldest established firms with more than half a century of outstanding track record in auditing, which underlie its corporate image as perceived by the international business community. UTC International focuses on the people: people behind every client, people behind every idea, people behind every project and, of course, the right people behind the UTC brand.

Training of UTC International Personnel: UTC International Network firms deliver the best professional services by continually investing in its human resource capital. The continuous training allows each network firm to be able to confidently face the new challenges of the dynamic global marketplace of today.

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