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Omar Tabbara, the Managing Director of Technology Solutions of UTC International (“UTCINTL”), holds a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University and a Baccalaureate of Science degree in Information Management Systems from University of Ottawa. He is an ORACLE Certified Professional in Internet Application Development from ORACLE, and, in addition, he is a Certified LAN/WAN Engineer.

Omar led a team of specialist IT consultants comprising OCPs in Application Development, Database Administration, and Oracle Financials Suite 11i. UTCINTL's clients in the Middle East Region engaged the services of Omar, as Project Manager in some of the very complex implementations of Oracle technology. He has an excellent flair for understanding the client’s needs particularly for rapid assessment of IT projects; gap analysis; implementation planning & scheduling; team selection & motivation to ensure continuity; new system’s interfacing with existing/other systems, progress monitoring, and risk management.

Omar was the consultant to a large pharmaceutical company to completely reorganise, re-structure, and fully integrate the information technology [IT] functions of its Head Office and several branches spread throughout Saudi Arabia, by the adoption of an appropriate Enterprise Resource Planning system - ERP. The highlights of the IT integration was the evaluation of the business requirements and compilation of a comprehensive Request for Proposal [RFP], technical evaluation of proposals received, negotiating the contract terms with the selected ERP Implementation Party, and the recruitment and training of the in-house specialists to maintain the integrated system after the ERP Go-Live phase.

Omar was the Project Manager for SAP ECC 6.0 systems. Further, he was responsible for the enhancements to, and implementation of, JD Edwards’ Order to Cash Process cycle, and Procure to Pay Process cycle.

Before his work at UTCINTL, Omar had functioned as the Product Manager of FORE Systems, UK, being particularly skilled in designing, planning, and installation of networks together with post-installation support.

Omar’s work experience covered the following principal activities:

• New service product development planning, implementation, and project management;
• Appraising the information needs of UTCINTL's clients to effect changes in IT practices and advising on timely investment in new technologies or justifying continuing with certain existing critical legacy systems and defining the procedures, methods, and techniques that form part of high quality and effective internal control systems;
• Rapid Assessment of IT Projects: Finding potential weak points, areas of uncertainty, or risks in project implementations, assessing the probability of their occurrence, prioritizing and mitigating the risks through feasible measures and using personal judgment and initiative to develop effective and constructive solutions to challenges and obstacles in IT activity and procedures;
• Ensuring that UTCINTL and its clients adhere to current IT industry-specific and government regulations and compliance procedures;
• Researching, and reporting on perceived trends and likely changes in the Information & Communications Technology [ICT] environment; particularly as relevant to UTCINTL local territory practices, and ensuring such knowledge is factored into the planning of UTCINTL's strategy, resources, and procedures, and accordingly managing all networks, information systems, enterprise applications, software development and deployment in UTCINTL. Planning, developing, and implementing strategy for the management of UTCINTL's IT assignments to render service product deliverables [agreed with clients], within the specified timescales, and cost budgets;
• Safeguarding and promoting UTCINTL's values and philosophy relating to professional ethics, integrity, and corporate social responsibility by planning and managing internal communications pertaining to UTCINTL's mission, strategic direction, aims, and activities;
• Managing IT staffing needs including hiring, training, developing and evaluating staff, and taking corrective action on staff performance by providing training and guidance;
• Aligning IT Project Implementation with Organizational Strategy: Looking at more value, a workable return on investment [ROI] and actual business impact from the perspective of the clients by understanding the business dynamics, risk management, and the future trends and proposing innovative and relevant IT solutions for the client businesses to be highly competitive and productive.


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