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UTC International Network firms provide a broad array of services that allow clients to better measure, manage, and control risk to enhance the reliability of their systems and processes throughout the enterprise.

UTC International will gather the necessary information from the capital markets, customers, regulators, and other sources, analyze the information across risk classes, and report the information to the client management in an efficient and secure format to facilitate tactical, timely, and strategic decision making.

Corporate entities currently have a greater need for internal control reporting methodologies, the identification of information technology vulnerabilities, risk management, fraud detection, and for the strategic focus of corporate governance, namely fostering best practice by eliminating lax or outmoded practices, promoting transparency, establishing accountability, and securing legal compliance.

Forensic accounting [and as appropriate forensic auditing] is performed when there is a claim for compensation or loss of profit or a fraudulent event and especially when there is a need for an expert witness before a Court to support claims and counter claims, including the quantification of losses and damages, financial investigations, compensation claims, and provision of expert evidence on professional practices.

Expert Reports: UTC International Network firms can produce accurate, complete, and clear expert reports to ensure they are easily understood by non-accounting individuals involved with matters before a Court or an equivalent tribunal.

Acting as Expert Witness: UTC International Network firms have Partners who are experienced in performing as Expert Witnesses in accordance with the Expert Witness Codes of Conduct.

Expert Determinations, Arbitrations, and Mediations: UTC International Network firms’ Partners have the necessary qualifications and skills to conduct expert determinations, and to act as arbitrators and mediators, as a means of settling disputes.

UTC International Network firms’ Financial Reporting Services teams provide, to relevant clients, efficient and cost effective assistance with the preparation of financial statements that are compliant with relevant financial reporting standards, particularly the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards [IFRS] has a profound effect on the financial reporting and operational landscape. These standards represent far more than a set of accounting issues; they raise significant business issues which will need to be properly addressed. Interpretations of the Standards and an understanding of the impact of the changes on the entity’s profits, net assets, and operations, provide the client with an advantage over its competitors.

UTC International Network firms’ Financial Reporting Services teams undergo continuous rigorous training so that they can consult widely to our non-audit clients on all types of financial reporting. We have dedicated in-house technical accounting experts who liaise directly with clients so that practical interpretations can be obtained, even for the most complex accounting transaction.

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