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Talal Tabbara is an Associate of UTC International (“UTCINTL”). His areas of expertise include business analysis, corporate strategic planning, project implementation, private equity, internal audit, and financial & business advisory.

With his in-depth knowledge of issues and trends in industries such as Travel and Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Professional Services, Talal has provided high value in corporate re-structures and market strategy implementations which involve precision and strong attention to detail.

Persistence, determination, skill, and dedication, got Talal to excel in thought leadership roles in the performance of assignments pertaining to the growth of global businesses of multinational companies and internationally recognized brands. He enjoys working with skilled and exceptional characters, and contributing innovative ideas for the resolution of complex business issues.

Talal’s professional experience, of more than two decades, gained in the various top management positions spans many industry sectors. He knows how to manage pressure and a heavy workload whilst achieving coordination and cooperation involving a large number of functional business divisions.

Talal’s work experience covered the following principal activities:

• Researching and reporting on perceived trends and likely changes in the business environment; particularly as relevant to UTCINTL local territory practices, and ensuring such knowledge is factored into the planning of UTCINTL's strategy, resources, and procedures;
• Safeguarding and promoting UTCINTL's values and philosophy relating to professional ethics, integrity, and corporate social responsibility by planning and managing internal communications pertaining to UTCINTL's mission, strategic direction, aims, and activities;
• Maintaining and developing existing and new clients through appropriate propositions and ethical strategies to optimize quality of service and client business growth;
• Administration of the performance of internal audit engagements by adhering to UTCINTL internal audit methodology for planning, fieldwork, identification, development and documentation of audit issues, recommendations for corrective actions, preparation and submission of internal audit reports;
• Appraisal of the accuracy of financial records and other information and verifying that all compliance procedures have been followed with particular regard to key internal controls over assets held at other locations, safe-keeping arrangements, due custody; and assuring that all laws, regulations, and statutory obligations have been complied with and reporting on any regulatory investigations;
• Managing the provision of continuous assurance and ensuring that UTCINTL's client organizations adhere to, as applicable, the changing government and industry-specific regulations as well as compliance procedures;
• Consulting and performing UTCINTL's assignments on, but not limited to, the following: corporate strategy formulation, marketing program and policy evaluation, marketing efficiency & effectiveness reviews, sales planning and market entry support, business case analysis & preparation, business restructuring & deal structures, performing due diligence for mergers & acquisitions, business reorganization, and recovery.


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