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Tarek Tabbara is an Associate of UTC International (“UTCINTL”). His areas of expertise include business restructuring, designing deal structures and negotiating complex financing transactions, debt restructuring & settlements, corporate strategic planning, private equity, assurances services, and financial & business advisory.

With extensive and long years of experience in accounting, finance, and management consulting, Tarek provides world-class financial and business advisory as well as assurance services. Tarek joined UTCINTL from Streamline Business Solutions LLC [“SBS”], a business and financial advisory firm he founded in New York City, USA. At SBS, Tarek engineered a number of successful business turnarounds for the firm’s clients, by means of restructuring their operations, shedding unprofitable lines of business, renegotiating their liabilities, and securing adequate financing. These efforts resulted in significant revenue and corresponding profit increases and restored financial stability to those client enterprises. Presently Tarek sits on several boards as well as audit and compensation committees of large corporate entities.

Prior to SBS, Tarek held roles of Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer at several high-tech companies. In these capacities, he was responsible for all financial aspects of those companies, including negotiating and securing financing, devising and implementing restructuring strategies, and planning, establishing, and managing the companies’ finance departments. He also established internal controls, corporate policies and procedures and implemented new accounting systems to improve corporate governance, reporting, and compliance with the various regulatory stipulations.

Throughout his professional career, including work at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, USA, and American Express Tax & Business Services, Inc., USA, Tarek has gained in-depth experience in a range of functional business disciplines, as well as requirements and procedures relating to Initial Public Offerings [IPOs], Securities and Exchange Commission related filings, and statutory audits of high-tech and telecommunications companies. He has also worked extensively with entrepreneurs to assist them in raising capital for their business ventures, and in helping them improve their operations, gain financial discipline, and devise sound business strategies.

Tarek’s work experience covered the following principal activities:

• Researching and reporting on perceived trends and likely changes in the economic environment; particularly as relevant to UTCINTL local territory practices, and ensuring such knowledge is factored into the planning of UTCINTL's strategy, resources, and procedures;
• Safeguarding and promoting UTCINTL's values and philosophy relating to professional ethics, integrity, and corporate social responsibility by planning and managing internal communications pertaining to UTCINTL's mission, strategic direction, aims, and activities;
• Managing staffing needs including work allocation, training, developing and evaluating staff, and taking corrective action on staff performance by providing training and guidance;
• Maintaining and developing existing and new clients through appropriate propositions and ethical strategies to optimize quality of service and client business growth;
• Looking at added-value and actual business impact of corporate strategic initiatives from the perspective of the clients by understanding and appreciating the business dynamics, risk management, and the future economic trends and proposing relevant solutions;
• Administration of the performance of external audit engagements by adhering to UTCINTL audit methodology for planning, fieldwork, identification, development and documentation of audit issues, recommendations for corrective actions, and audit reporting;
• Appraisal of the accuracy of financial records and other information and verifying that all compliance procedures have been followed with particular regard to key internal controls over assets held at other locations, safe-keeping arrangements, due custody; and assuring that all laws, regulations, and statutory obligations have been complied with and reporting on any regulatory investigations;
• Managing the provision of continuous assurance and ensuring that UTCINTL's client organizations adhere to, as applicable, the changing government and industry-specific regulations as well as compliance procedures;
• Managing assignments on business restructuring & deal structures and negotiating complex financing transactions, debt restructuring & settlements, performing due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, business reorganization and recovery.


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